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I'm a Product Designer with UX Research skills. Most recently, I have designed digital products in the EdTech, MarTech and FinTech spaces. I'm interested how emerging technologies (AR, VR and AI) are shaping the future of design and what this means for accessibility and education.

I study Sociology and Psychology at Barnard College, Columbia University and took a gap year in 2020 to work at a global UI/UX design agency. I am one of the leads at Design at Columbia, a community of 800+ students, and help coordinate collaborations through product sprints, panels with designers in the industry, mentorship programs, and other outreach activities.

Apart from design, I have a deep appreciation for the art of storytelling.  After hours, you can catch me performing spoken word poetry at open mic nights, writing blog posts on Medium or scribbling in my journal. I also host a podcast on culture and philosophy with my best friend, a Mechanical Engineer. I am always down to discuss any form of media - from literary journals to foreign films!

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Selected Stories

Poetry, Podcast, Blog
  • A 48 hour research and design challenge to come up with a traffic management and monitoring system for a smart city traffic control…set in 2050.
  • In-depth visual and textual analysis using primary and secondary research methods to assess Computer Generated Influencers and the presentation of the self on social media.  Key theorists include Goffman, Miller and Turkle. 25-page paper written under the guidance of Professor Sudhir Venkatesh, Columbia University.
  • Research at a national trade union of women workers in the informal sector.  Spent 9 weeks researching, interviewing and carrying out focused group discussions with women cooperatives to contribute to research on how to build an enterprise accelerator. Read about the research methods, extrapolations and reflections.


Sociology papers and design research

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